Unique Baby Gifts for the Mom-To-Be

WWhen you are looking for unique baby gifts for that special mother-to-be, you can find many things that she will adore. Be the one to get something different, and something she will appreciate.

Sonogram Photo Clip

Everyone gets a sonogram of their little one, but how to display it? Give the gift of a sonogram clip. This different type of photo holder is not your usual picture frame; instead it has a metal base and long stem which clips onto the sonogram, holding it for everyone to see. These can be bought in many colors and variations, so you can match up to a boy or girl, or remain neutral if the gender has not been found out yet.

Maternity Memory Books

For a unique baby gift that all pregnant women will love, give the gift of a maternity memory book. This is the perfect gift for first time mothers who want to remember all of their pregnant days. Decorative pages in the book document the pregnancy from all stages, including finding out and telling daddy, the doctor’s visits, health of the mom, childbirth classes and birth plans, cravings and nursery ideas, and much more. Plus, memory books for pregnancies come with plenty of pages to put all those special pictures in, so mommy will always remember how she looked pregnant.

Keepsake Charm Bracelets

For a special baby gift for the mommy-to-be, this wonderful keepsake charm bracelet is helps make the months of pregnancy fly by. It comes with 9 detachable charms, and as each month goes by, one charm is added to the bracelet. When the baby is born, the final charm is added. This special charm is a little picture frame that can hold the new babies photo—a great gift for the mom who loves jewelry, or any expecting mom.