Create a Genius with Educational and Unique Baby Gifts

Everyone wants to have their own little genius-in-the-making when their baby is born. Now there are many toys that can help parents fulfill that want. These unique baby gifts will help your child learn about his or her environment in a fun and exciting way.

Personalized Story Books

Personalized story books are a great way to get your baby to interact with a story, by the use of his or her name. One such book, “My Very Own Name”, tells a story with animals and letters, and creates the child’s first and last name by rhyming it. In the end of the books, the animals are excited as they have created the perfect name-your child’s name.

This book also will include your baby’s birthday, a dedication from the mom, and an encyclopedia of 53 animals, all illustrated. It’s a very unique gift that babies will enjoy for years to come. Personalized story books are easy to find and fun to give.

Music CDs

Much research has been done trying to prove that music can help your baby learn. There are many musical collections that offer a menagerie of classic and updated lullabies, as well as original songs, that will keep your baby happy and entertained. Your baby will love the vocals and instruments music CDs provide, and will soon learn to sing along to each song.

Baby’s First Photo Album

These bright photo albums will help your baby develop much needed visual skills as well as delight him with his favorite people. These albums generally hold 4x6 pictures, perfect for getting in the whole family, friends, and maybe even the family pet. Photo albums may also come with a loop so that it can be hung from a stroller or car seat. Some books have a baby-safe mirror so that the baby can see themselves.

Black, Red, and White Toys

Babies delight in these mesmerizing colors, which helps develop visual stimulation with the colors of black, red, and white. These colors will keep baby fascinated and happy, and helps them focus on the colors as well as helps their attention span. It’s a very unique and educational present.